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BOJ governor Haruhiko Kuroda is now highlighting the risks of easing policy further, signaling that rate hikes might not be too far off. With global debt higher now than it was even before the 2008 crash, tighter policy globally carries clear risk. Thirdly, expect higher financial market volatility. But others are wary, and argue that bubbles are forming in certain parts of the equities universe to join those in high yield credit and bond markets. This has ensured 2017 will go down as the calmest year in U.S. market history. According to Charlie Bilello at Pension Partners in New York, 95 percent of all trading days on the Dow this year have had an intraday range of less than 1 percent. Consensus 2018 and the impact on cryptocurrency markets. The event will be discussing all things blockchain and in extension cryptocurrencies. An event like Consensus provides the startups an opportunity to meet with the big players of different industries. These big names can turn the cryptocurrency market into the green. Mr. Lee predicts that there will be a correlation to previous moves in the crypto markets that will extend to greater heights because of the sheer size of those in attendance. You can imagine that crypto bulls will find this argument compelling. And those that are skeptical are sure to share their opinions as well. But math is math, and there is a clear pattern here. Either way, it will all play out next week, when Consensus2018 descends on New York City. Crypto is getting hit as blockchain conference Consensus 2018 kicks off. Schelling Points, Prediction Markets, and Consensus.